Company Culture Content Deck

 Culture content for your company is the most important element in today's business and what better way to show your clients what you're all about than with video. 88% of people spend more time on websites/social media that contain video. If you think about it, watching a video stimulates the human senses of sight, hearing, & emotion all at the same time. 

With being known primarily for their supplement products in the body building world, Cellucor wanted to expand their culture and connect with the everyday gym person through their new blog and social media platform. We created the idea of "Becoming" which was a series of 5 videos that highlighted the lives of their sponsored athletes. They shared their journey on how they found their passion and fought through their difficult moments in life to become the people they are today. These visuals contributed to the building of the current active community that exist today with Cellucor. The reception to the videos were received so well that Cellucor has created opportunities where their following could directly engage with their athletes through live videos via Facebook & Instagram, receive tips from the athletes on healthy living through the blog, and so forth. With multiple successful campaigns using culture content, Cellucor has gained the attention and support with their newer audience, the everyday gym person looking for motivation and tips to change their lifestyle into a healthier one.  

P.B. Beauty School reached out to us to create a series of videos to enhance their company culture to students looking to enroll in their school. We decided to film 3 videos where current students and alumni share their personal experiences on how P.B. Beauty School changed their lives for the better. The students/alumni shared their personal testimonies about topics that resonate with people looking to enroll in beauty school. Since the release of the videos, P.B. Beauty School has received an increased of enrollment and inquiry interest with their school.

"Find your voice, tell your story, impact the world."