Redd Pen: Cellucor Becoming w/ Fitmen Cook

CELLUCOR “BECOMING SERIES” Featuring Kevin Curry of Fitmen Cook

Supplement giant, Cellucor are heavily known in the body building world for their great products. They wanted to add more culture and resonant with more people through the art of story telling. We came up with a great idea during our brand strategy meeting on how we could shed light on each of their athletes about their life stories. We traveled multiple states for each shoot where we met and connected with each athlete and filmed their life journeys in mini doc format. To our surprise, some of the athletes felt this was the appropriate platform to reveal personal information that has never been talked about in public which was an incredible & humbling experience. The direction of the visuals were on how each athlete found their way and became the people they are now which birthed the campaign name “Becoming”. Upon releasing the first “Becoming” video, Cellucor received a very positive engagement result and decided to house the 5 visuals on a new blog called “For The Record”. Since then, this has motivated Cellucor to have their athletes provide articles for the new blog to continue motivating their audience to live life in a healthier way. Take a look at 1 of the 5 visuals below featuring Kevin Curry of Fitmen Cook on how he fought his quiet battle with depression while becoming one of social media’s favorite chefs with a following of over a million people.

"Find your voice, tell your story, impact the world."